MY GENERATION 60s radio show

EST. 1996


Delighted to welcome Almeria Radio 107.5 and the newly returned 1260KYA, the Boss Of The Bay to our list of Affiliates!

2021 – 25th anniversary!

Sample Show

It’s hard to imagine that with few exceptions I have been recording and presenting this show every week for over 25 years.

Available in pre-recorded format or a different show relayed live (8-10pm UK time Fridays to FM/DAB stations only) My Generation was the first UK online 60s radio show.

I started it in 1996 when just to get online you had to make a long distance trunk call to Reading 50 miles away and speeds were 14,400! Needless to day a very primitive effort to today’s slick show.

As radio stations increasingly shun the music of the 60s, ironic when so many modern releases are reworkings of these songs, My Generation continues to passionately play the music of the golden pop music era.

Features include the slipped disc quiz, the aside bside, follow that, 3 Before The Beatles and the two vintage tunes which sometimes goes back to the war years!

I have also interviewed over 100 stars from the 60s with more to come.

The show is delivered each Saturday via dropbox or live every Friday – they are different shows

Station owners – head off to the contact page to find out about getting the show on your station.

Listeners – head off to My Generation Radio or tell your smart speaker to “Play My Generation Radio”