One LIVE show a week is available to FM/DAB stations
8-10pm, My Generation on Fridays

It is available for stations to relay free of charge. Broadcast software has for years included the facility to relay live shows. By far the best in my opinion is Radiodjv2 which is completely free.

Once you’re set up I just give you the stream url to programme in at that time and you have a live show.

Please note though that it will be monitored at this end and stations which don’t reliably air the show every week will be banned.


All shows are in three segments an hour totalling 55 minutes approx. This allows stations to insert ads., idents or promos every 20 minutes. Stations not using these can simply add 5 minutes of music if required.

Station Idents and promos can be supplied to those stations giving shows their own dedicated slots.

Over 57,000 songs on my database to select from

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – TWO HOURS 12,505 Classic/Prog rock tracks

Now available live as well as weekly download this programme recalls the days when many tracks lasted for 8 minutes, yet these albums sold in the millions and are rarely heard on radio. Already bringing back some memories for hundreds of thousands!

Live show is 8-10pm Sundays (UK time)

Perfect for fans of Sabbath, Genesis, Led Zeppelin or Floyd!

MY GENERATION – TWO HOURS 22,583 tracks from the 60s

The original 60s internet radio show starting in 1996, My Generation now airs on FM stations around the world as well as internet stations. Interviews include Stu Cook (Creedence), Reg Presley (Troggs) and Dave Clark (Dave Clark Five)

SOUNDS OF THE 70S – ONE HOUR 14,125 tracks from the 70s

Just what it says – a show featuring music from a very diverse decade, plus music news from today in the 70s, the “sloppy bit in the middle” and the chart entry song from that week to finish with!

THE GARY JACKSON SHOW – TWO HOURS 56,782 tracks altogether

Alternatively known as “The Gary Jackson Experience” (Hendrix won’t mind)  this show is an ideal generic show suitable for either filling in when a regular presenter is off, or as many stations have done, giving it its own slot at a time of week when presenters are hard to come by!

Music from across the eras – from the present day to the “vintage tunes” – two songs in the style of the 40s and 50s, this show has it’s own slots in the UK, across Europe and beyond!