My Generation Syndicated Live Fridays 8-10pm UK time

Available free to FM, DAB and satellite stations to relay. No ads, no promos just music.

My Generation was the first online 60s radio show anywhere in the UK. Now you can get it live on your station. Relay it and let your listeners interact with the quizzes or email or leave a voicemail for a request.

Here’s what a listener had to say –

“Popped on this morning to say how much we have enjoyed your radio shows, especially the live ones as we feel they are fun and cosy and that there is great atmosphere when everyone joins in with the guesswork and choice of music.

Friday nights have become a special part of the week, to be looked forward to, so thank you 🙂. Last night’s show was brilliant, with tracks I had never heard before.

Programme details

Two hours of 60s hits, rarities and b sides accompanied by features like the Sloppy Bit In The Middle, the Aside Bside, 3 Before The Beatles and the Vintage Tunes, plus requests quizzes and dedications.

How to relay

Two software packages I am familiar with are Station Playlist and RadioDJ. My personal favourite is RadioDJ – well, it is free but both allow you to broadcast a live stream as do other decent packages.

Essentially you import the stream as an “internet stream” and then use the stream url as you would a normal mp3 file – and the show is streamed at 160kbps stereo ensuring great sound quality. But what about if the stream drops I hear you ask.

I’ve been broadcasting live six days a week for nearly 25 years, and on average the stream might drop once or twice a year. To cater for any such occurrence make a playlist of, say, six mp3s of the stream url followed by either a studio edition of my generation, or any other music of your choice to make up two hours.

That’s it! Set your software to play the playlist at the right time. Sometimes the stream might drop for a split second but your software will just move on to the next one. If it happens six times there really is a problem so your station will move on with perhaps a voice saying “Sorry we’ve lost connection to My Generation, here’s….. etc”.

And once it’s set up you don’t need to do anything else. Ever. Even when on holiday I just stream a studio edition and warn listeners the week before.