Vectis Radio shortlisted for five National Community Radio Awards

Vectis Radio, an FM station taking all four of my pre recorded shows has been nominated in five categories in the National Community Radio awards in 2021!

Congratulations to all those who work so hard – and whilst my involvement is miniscule as the Tesco man says – “Every little helps!”

All show are supplied free of ads other than funny spoof ones and in segments – three an hour totalling about 55 minutes, enabling stations to insert their own branding promos and ads. Recorded at 320kbps mp3.

Also important for those stations which automate show downloads, the filenames are unchanged each week enabling auto file downloaders or grabbers to do their job. The date of each show is in the “date modified” tag.

The dropbox folder also contains promos that can be used

Sample Shows
My Generation
Dark Side Of The Moon